Christ-follower, Husband, Father, and Pastor: This is how I prioritize my life. I am an avid observer and student of many things. My relationship with Christ and the Word of God are my primary pursuits, but I also love to study the creation and all that it contains.  I view the natural world around me as one big puzzle that when the pieces are discovered and fashioned together point too and reveal a greater understanding of the character and nature of God. For this reason, I am an outdoorsman. I love to backpack, camp, hunt, and develop outdoor skills.

I believe truth is worth pursuing no matter where it leads. I believe the church’s actions and motives need constant evaluation by the Word of God to maintain its purity and mission in this crazy world. This is where my blog comes in. My goal is not to attack the church, but to be part of the many who wish to see it be the radiant bride of Christ it was designed to be. I want to see it thrive! I want to see us forget about church growth and once again focus on church sending through the true discipleship of believers.


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